Friday, June 5, 2009

Fable (Again)

Played Fable for a couple of hours last night. I'm trying to decide if I like it.
Right when you start any new game it's fun, unless the game really sucks and you can't even get into it. Mostly because games are pretty easy at the start and they hold your hand at the beginning, so you at least know what you're doing.
I've just gotten to the point in Fable where the game has stopped holding my hand and it's starting to get a little more challenging. This is the point where it can either get more fun, or it can just be frustrating.
I still don't understand a lot of the interface. Buying and selling seems overly complicated.
I tried boasting once with a giant wasp head. That seemed like a bizarre endeavor. You only get renown points if you beat your previous high score. Wouldn't that encourage you to do crappy at the beginning, and then slowly improve, so that you get points each time? Maybe it doesn't work that way.
I do like bashing bandits with my sword and frying them with lightning though. And the graphics are pretty, especially for a game that's a few years old. It runs great on my laptop at 1440x900.
If it stays fun and I start to understand the nuances (like renown, boasts and alignment), I will definitely keep playing it.
Otherwise, I'm going straight to Knights of the Old Republic 2

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