Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ball shaving? Seriously?

So, I normally look at my blog in Firefox, and I have Adblock Plus turned on, so I don't see the ads.
By the way, the ads are kind of a joke, I just put them on to see if I would get a lot of traffic due to the domain, and if so, would I make any money. So far, I have earned a whopping 3 cents. I think you have to earn $100 to get a paycheck, so I am .03% of the way there.
I happened to open the site in IE and I saw this ad:
From Ned? Ned Ryerson? Bing!

Seriously? Ball shaving?
I understand that AdSense uses context to determine what ads to post, and I have a post about juggling balls, but come on!
Of course, I realize that by writing this post, it's only going to get worse. To that, I can only say this:
"Bring it on."