Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random musings

Wow. Got a ton of hits on Groundhog day. Almost 400 visits. That blows my daily average of a whopping 10 hits per day out of the water. I guess a lot of people wanted to see what old Neddy was doing. Most of the hits came from searches for "Ned Ryerson." Sad to say, I am no longer the first result, but am still on the first page.

Got an iPod Touch last week. I started running on the treadmill again, and was looking for something I could use to watch videos with while running. I've been using my iPod classic, but the screen is so tiny that I can really only watch movies I have seen before, because it's hard to make out any detail. I considered an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy, but they both were too big and expensive for what I wanted.
I didn't realize when I ordered the Touch that you can stream Netflix movies on it. This is the greatest thing ever! No more ripping DVDs and converting to iPod format. Now I have access to Netflix's (Netflixes?) whole streaming library.
It actually arrived on Wednesday the 2nd, so the first thing I watched was Groundhog Day. Thought that was a good way to inaugurate it. Haven't quite finished it yet. Right now I'm running about a half an hour, three nights a week. Will be finished it tomorrow (Wednesday), and then I need to start something else.
I was thinking about watching a TV series that I haven't seen. My thoughts right now are:
  • Firefly (I have already watched the first 2 episodes)
  • Battlestar Galactica (yes, it's true, I have never seen this show. I'll turn in my geek card now)
  • Dr Who (see comments for Battlestar Galactica)
Let me know in the comments (I keed, I keed! No one even reads this, let alone leaves comments) what your thoughts are.

I have to say, the iPod Touch is like a gateway drug to an iPhone. I have been thinking about getting a new phone sometime late this year, and was considering an Android phone, but my new toy is pushing me over closer to the dark side. I like a lot of the things it can do, but I'm confined to the house with the wifi. Being able to use more of the features anywhere I want would be pretty cool. Most of the apps are better than the Blackberry versions (which is what I have now), and the games are beyond better. (There really are no good games on Blackberry).
So when the time comes, I may be getting an iPhone instead of an Android. We'll see. (Definitely not getting another Blackberry. That ship has sailed.)

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