Monday, August 2, 2010

A few thoughts on Legoland

  • The maps stink. Literally. I couldn't figure out what the nasty smell I kept smelling was until I stuck my nose in my map and discovered that it smelled like raw sewage.
  • Most of the rides are designed for 1 parent/1 kid or 2 parents/2 kids. 2 parents and one kid means that one parent will be riding by themself or just watching. Contrast to Disneyland where both parents and the kid can fit in the same seat in most rides.
  • Miniland is really cool, but seriously needs a maid. A lot of figures and buildings are covered with dust and spider webs. Gross!
  • We could (and should) have had a better lunch at Karl Strauss across the street for the same price as 2 sandwiches and a drink.
  • If you have a toddler, go left from the entrance and circle the park clockwise. The age ranges for each section will start young and get older if you go that way. We went right and counter-clockwise, and passed a lot of things that our kid couldn't do.
That is all. Signing off for another 11 months. (Hopefully just kidding there!)

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