Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Monkeys and Islands

Back in the days of Point and Click Adventure Games, LucasArts was king. Maniac Mansion, Sam and Max, Full Throttle, The Dig. All of these games were awesome. They were fun, funny, and just the right amount of challenge.
I preferred the LucasArts games to the Sierra Games (Kings Quest, Space Quest, etc...) because there was no way to lose in a LucasArts game. In the Sierra games, if you failed to pick up a certain item somewhere, or talk to the right person, it was possible (and common) to find yourself in an unwinnable situation, and you would have to reload a previous save and try again. In the LucasArts game, that never happened.
The king of LucasArts games was the Monkey Island Series. I actually played the third game first and then went back and bought a collection that included 1 and 2.
Point and Click adventure games are sort of experiencing a renaissance right now. Telltale Games has been creating episodic point and click games for the past few years including a Strong Bad game, and new Sam and Max adventures. They just released episode one of a new Monkey Island adventure, which I played through this weekend. I have to say it's pretty good, but short (I finished it in about 3 or 4 hours), although, since it's only 1/5 of an entire game, that's not too bad.

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